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    The Essential Role of Emotional Intelligence: Communication and the Art of Strategies for Female Leaders
    (2020) Shema, Kathryn
    This culminating project examines, explores, and demonstrates how women can utilize their strengths for efficient solutions by using emotional intelligence, communication and strategies through setting strong boundaries that lead to assertiveness and self advocacy. It is a journey through self discovery to learn how to best use the innate gifts and further develop skills we all have as female leaders. There are strategies that enhance the experience and efficiency for females in leadership positions. It is about females using their strengths to lead others through communication, integrated negotiations, advocacy, and soft skills that require the essential role of emotional intelligence. The goal is for female leaders to lean into their unique characteristics, personalities, gifts, skills and talents to leverage them for the most optimized leadership experience. Being able to produce efficient solutions by using the art of strategies will give female leaders a great advantage in leadership positions and opportunities with themselves and those that they lead. Possessing a great deal of self awareness, assertiveness through setting strong boundaries and using integrated negotiations set female leaders up for success. The objective is highlighting the advantages women have in leadership and why knowing one’s self is the greatest asset. Being able to possess a high level of emotional intelligence is essential to be an efficient leader in today’s ever changing, globalized world.
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    A Voice in the Crowd
    (2020) Pearison, Christina
    From Corporate America to academia, to all ranks of government and appointed positions, women are regularly interrupted, talked over, misheard, misperceived, and often just completely ignored, when they speak. Research indicates that there are many different reasons why women are often seen, but not heard. Some of these include physical attributes such as voice pitch and word choices, but more often it is due to inherent social and cultural biases that have yet to be defined and broken. While it is true that women tend to be more soft-spoken, research shows that female voices are more likely to influence negotiations, decisions, and de-escalate confrontations more positively with greater outcomes. This presentation allows you to journey with me over the past eight weeks of education and be a witness to the teachings that has given me the insight and inspiration to create an awakening within myself and the women around me. Within this virtual poster you will be able to see that through strengthening personal development and increasing core competencies, we can identify problems and possible solutions that can be taken to increase voice attention and the importance of not settling to be just another “Voice in the Crowd”.
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    Navigating Decisions Outlining the Trajectory of a Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery as a Non-Traditional Student
    (2020) Chamberlain, Pamela
    Women make countless decisions impacting their lives daily. Each choice made can alter a specific outcome inviting positive opportunities or lead down a path filled with roadblocks. For example, late for work, a quick decision is made to take an alternate route to trim off a few minutes commute time. Instead, a train stopped on the tracks causing a delay. Being aware of the surroundings, the discovery of an alternate route is observed that travels around the train leaving additional time to pick up donuts for the entire office. Risks are always a component in the outcome of everyday decisions. Some women want to conqueror the challenge while others just want to survive the journey. As a working woman, deciding to add the element of education later in life can attribute to the success in achieving their intended objectives while navigating through obstacles only to realize unintended self-discoveries along the way. This presentation takes on the personal journey of a career minded woman set out to find a sense of life balance while furthering her education. Unearth the value of diverse leadership styles, importance of self-awareness, weighing the risks verses the rewards, overcoming self-doubt, re-evaluating relationships, establishing a plan, and implementing self-advocacy in the exploration to acquire a positive learning experience when faced with internal and external obstacles along the path to personal and professional enlightenment.
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    “Rock the Boat”: Analyzing Assertiveness as Women of Color in Leadership
    (2020) Mathews, Jennifer
    While African American women leaders in the pharmaceutical industry represent a small percentage of industry leadership, they are impactful as contributors to the business. Research has shown that for pharmaceutical companies when diversity is a top leadership priority where employees feel comfortable creating, transforming, and being themselves at work, that women are four times more likely to rise to senior management positions. For Black women it is not just a pipeline issue. Once in the door, they need to feel supported and that it is okay to be assertive without feeling alone or that trouble is being caused. This is a journey of the awareness of an African American woman in leadership in the pharmaceutical industry after receiving the Gallup CliftonStrengths. This woman discovers that she needs to challenge herself to set boundaries for her peers to align with responsibilities and that it is acceptable to advocate for oneself and be assertive without feeling guilty when faced with challenges from Senior Leadership.
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    An Alternative Leadership Perspective: Analyzing the Headwinds and Tailwinds for Women Leaders in Finance and Accounting
    (2020) Kuhlman, Shelby
    Significant progress has been made in women’s rights and equality since Abigail Adams compelled her husband to “Remember the Ladies”. The former first lady joins a voluminous list of other trailblazers in the fight for women’s rights and equality. Some glass ceilings have been shattered; however, many still exist for women. These obstacles and barriers are constructed and reinforced by the deeply ingrained stereotypes and misconceptions of women, women leaders, and diversity. Where does the finance and accounting industry stand when it comes to gender and equality? To answer this question, this poster analyzes the headwinds women face in this field, gathers insights from personality tests and talent DNA, and reviews the opportunities for men and women to create a conducive environment for all. While many organizations have adopted diversity and inclusion efforts, achieving diversity in an organization is no longer the challenge creating parity at all levels must be the goal to generate tailwinds in the advancement for women.