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    The Impact of Professional Training on Leadership Development in the Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions - A Study of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan, Training on Leadership Development.
    (2024-01) Kang, Hwei-Ru Teresa
    The Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions play a significant role in society, reliant on effective leadership to fulfill their missions and goals. These organizations encompass a vast network of parishes, schools, and affiliated institutions, serving as vital hubs for spiritual guidance, education, and community support. Within this complex web of religious service, leadership assumes a unique character, blending spiritual guidance, ethical principles, and the skills necessary for effective organizational management. However, a substantial challenge arises as many leaders within these institutions lack the necessary professional training and knowledge to navigate the intricate web of organizational challenges and lead their teams effectively. This deficiency often creates barriers to effective decision-making, strategy execution, and overall organizational development. This research investigates the impact of professional training on leadership development within the context of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions, focusing on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan. It seeks to understand how professional training influences leadership development and how this, in turn, affects job satisfaction among leaders within these organizations/institutions. The intricate relationship between professional training, leadership development, and organizational outcomes is paramount in ensuring the long-term growth and development of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions in today's ever-evolving world. Keywords: Catholic Leadership, Mission, Community, Management, Training, Decision-making Strategy execution, Development, Archdiocese, Job satisfaction.
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    Apples to Oranges: The Development of the Pomeroy Metric to Quantify the Value of MVP-Level Season Performances Between Positions in the NBA from 2010-2022
    (2023-08) Foster, Timothy A.
    Athletic departments in small colleges and universities that seek to identify, recruit, support, and maintain high-level student-athlete talent are faced with unique and significant challenges. The ability to compete with large institutions is often not feasible and forces smaller programs to find as much value as possible in the greater athletics landscape. Sports analytics are a useful tool to understand data and statistics through new metrics. While many current metrics are designed to understand a player’s value individually as well as part of their team, there are limited metrics that can be used by coaches and their staff to identify high-value players. This thesis explores key metrics at the forefront today including Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Elo Ratings, and KenPom Ratings and reviews relevant literature from the industry. The product of this research is the development of an analysis tool, The Pomeroy Metric, that evaluates players in a position-based context which allows coaches and their staff an opportunity to find value in a new and unique way. This tool is articulated using modern National Basketball Association (NBA) statistics of top-five Most Valuable Player (MVP) vote getters of the past thirteen seasons. Keywords: analytics, metrics, WAR, NBA, college basketball, MVP
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    Avoiding the Attic
    (2012-08-22) Berry, Chet G.
    In this paper I will propose a different process and offering than is presently offered within traditional seminary training. I am not proposing replacement of theological training, but do propose that theological adherence alone will not offer the advances in leadership training that is necessary for a quickly changing American context. I will entertain this specific challenge. How can Saint Mary of the Woods College serve to address teh many leadership challenges of the faith community while building upon the historical legacy of spiritual leadership preparation programs of years past...specifically addressing the elimination of the Pastoral Theology Masters program. I will propose the adoption and implementation of a Faith-Based Leadership Program for Saint Mary of the Woods College with recognition of diverse geographic opportunities that my research will support.
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    Global Leadership Traits: The Emerging Passport to Future Business Strategy
    (2012-08-22) Sanders, Bridgette D.
    The purpose of this study is to identify those leadership traits that are crucial for developing the emerging global leader and to determine how factors such as technology, globalization and geographical context play a part in defining those traits. This leader is important because he is at the helm of emerging business all over the world. In essence, the collective traits this leader possesses will be considered the "passport" to future business strategy. The rapid speed of technology and globalization has drastically altered how business is performed and markets are created. Those leaders, who intend to have success in this shrinking world, must possess the traits that will allow them to do so. In addition, this research examines how the geographical context of these traits plays a role in leadership from a cross-cultural perspective by considering cultural factors of major countries such as: China, India, Greece, Spain, United States, Africa, South Korea, Japan and Germany, in order to see what the global leader looks like in those countries. These countries all have myriad economic, geographical and political factors that provide global impact important to research. Finally, this study will provide a cross-sectional review and analysis of the current literature and research in this field.
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    HauteHope: Terre Haute's Community Restaurant
    (2012-08-25) Richey, Courtney
    Terre Haute, Indiana suffers from issues caused by economic factors such as unemployment and underemployment. One of the by-products of the poor economic condition is residents not having quality meals in times of need. Tene Haute has food banks such as Catliolic Cliarities, Providence Pantry and the Liglithouse Mission as well as food assistance programs such as food stamps. Still, there is a specific population that goes untouched, the "working poor". According to tlie National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), working poor is defined as people who work at least half the year yet still fall at or below the federal poverty line (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2010). It is reasonable to believe that even though there is a need, many of these families are reluctant to go to a food pantry for help and may fall slightly above tlie food stamp income guideline, forcing them to make tough decisions at meal time. The issue of hunger and food insecurity can lead to many disadvantages to the city of Terre Haute. The commumuiity has the opportunity to produce an innovative solution to this issue; a nonprofit restaurant. The nonprofit restaurant model has been implemented in larger areas with moderate success. This research will demonstrate that the nonprofit restaurant model, providing quality food in a quality atmosphere yet allowing the consumer to pay what they can afford will help address the hunger issue the Terre Haute community faces.