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    • Designing the Communion Rite: A Parish Process 

      Steffes, Mary Jo (1995)
      From a pastoral point of view, the problem here was that of encouraging the parish’s ownership of its communion rite in order to encourage an ever-growing response to God’s offer of life in Christ. This plan attempted ...
    • A Living Sacrifice: Becoming What We Receive at Mass 

      Nelson, Ellie (2004)
      I am designing my project for Holy Family Catholic Church in Rockford, Illinois for the purpose of deepening the understanding and strengthening the appreciation of the Eucharist at Mass. There 1s a growing awareness ...
    • We Come to the Table Together...Refining a Parish Communion Rite 

      Swiderski, Carol (1991)
      The Pastoral concern being addressed by this project proposal is that of developing a faith community which sees itself as the "primary minister" of our Sunday liturgies. Virtually all liturgists writing today agree ...