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Woods Scholars is the institutional repository of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, managed by the Rooney Library. It is a digital archive of works created by College students, faculty, and staff, with an emphasis on graduate student projects and theses. Woods Scholars offers an online mechanism for depositing, maintaining, disseminating, and preserving the research and scholarship of the SMWC community.

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    The Impact of Bilateral Sensorimotor Art Therapy on Chronic Pain: A Heuristic Arts-Based Study
    (2024) Sgro, Janet L.
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of art therapy interventions on alleviating the symptoms of chronic pain. The study investigated how creativity can increase coping skills for those suffering and ultimately increase the quality of life for those with chronic pain. This art-based heuristic study used sensorimotor somatic art therapy interventions and reflective journaling to evaluate the effect of activating the senses in creating bilateral sensory motor drawings. Keywords: polyvagal theory, chronic pain, somatic art therapy, bilateral drawing, unprocessed trauma, sensorimotor art therapy
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    The Impact of Professional Training on Leadership Development in the Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions - A Study of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan, Training on Leadership Development.
    (2024-01) Kang, Hwei-Ru Teresa
    The Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions play a significant role in society, reliant on effective leadership to fulfill their missions and goals. These organizations encompass a vast network of parishes, schools, and affiliated institutions, serving as vital hubs for spiritual guidance, education, and community support. Within this complex web of religious service, leadership assumes a unique character, blending spiritual guidance, ethical principles, and the skills necessary for effective organizational management. However, a substantial challenge arises as many leaders within these institutions lack the necessary professional training and knowledge to navigate the intricate web of organizational challenges and lead their teams effectively. This deficiency often creates barriers to effective decision-making, strategy execution, and overall organizational development. This research investigates the impact of professional training on leadership development within the context of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions, focusing on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan. It seeks to understand how professional training influences leadership development and how this, in turn, affects job satisfaction among leaders within these organizations/institutions. The intricate relationship between professional training, leadership development, and organizational outcomes is paramount in ensuring the long-term growth and development of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions in today's ever-evolving world. Keywords: Catholic Leadership, Mission, Community, Management, Training, Decision-making Strategy execution, Development, Archdiocese, Job satisfaction.
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    The Lived Experience of Self Expression in the LGBTQIA+ Community
    (2023) Holyfield, Justin
    Little research has been conducted to discover the beneficial aspects of how self- expression can be a therapeutic process in and of itself. Even less has been done in studying how art therapy can be utilized to enhance the experience of engaging with self-expression and enhance the sense of personal identity. The goal of this study is to utilize qualitative research and interviewing to discover how integral the ability to engage in some form of self-expression is for people in the LGBTQIA+ community. As the study progressed there appeared to be a correlation between an increased sense of resiliency and overall increased sense of mental health with the ability to find personhood and identity; this may mark an area for future research. By examining the lived experience of self-expression, this study also hoped to show how art therapy may be uniquely suited to help individuals create a sense of identity and to use self-expression as an integral part of the healing process.
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    The Lived Experience of Adults with Disabilities Engaging in Art Therapy for The First Time
    (2023) O'Hara, Lindsey
    This paper reviews the lived experiences of disabled adults engaging in art therapy for the first time. The participants include adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities such as, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism. The convenience sample, along with literature pulled from previous studies, and the methodology involved reflection through an art intervention and interviews. The setting was the art room at my internship facility.
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    “Burning Down the House”: A Descriptive Study of Workplace Preference and Burnout in New Music Therapists
    (2023) Teall, Clara
    This survey study examined new music therapists’ experiences of burnout and feelings related to various aspects of their work including clientele age, population, and workplace setting. The purpose of this research was to gather information about the experiences of new music therapists including how long they have been practicing, what type of work they do, how they feel about various aspects of their workplace, and whether there is any connection between these experiences and burnout in the field of music therapy. This survey received 65 total responses, with 49 responses meeting the requirements for participation. Survey results indicated a high burnout rate among new music therapists. A statistically significant positive correlation was also found between rate of burnout in past positions and feelings surrounding past clientele age, population, and work setting.