Afterschool: 21st Century Community Learning Center and the Benefits

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Gurden, Brigitte
Master of Leadership Development
21st Century Community Learning Centers play a vital role in developing children in afterschool. The role of these programs is to help improve at risk students with academics, behavior and assessments. Despite showing positive outcomes, the 2018 Federal Budget threatens this program. The federal budget cuts all programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This funding would cut the program by 1.1 billion dollars and leave 1.6 million kids with no place to go after school. This thesis will explore the benefits of afterschool, why afterschool is needed and, the outcomes of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers at the state level as well as at the national level. The thesis will cover other benefits afterschool can provide in addition to what a quality can be in afterschool. Finally, the thesis covers improvements in the 21st Community Learning Center Program.