Becoming a Reconciling Community

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Roat, Anne
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
It is impossible to serve the needs of alienated and inactive Roman Catholics through the RCIA program. A process to enable alienated and inactive Roman Catholics to become active members of the church again is clearly needed in my parish. The process would have as its specific purpose, "to provide a warm welcoming place that aids alienated and inactive Catholics in their return to the table of the Lord and to an active Catholic life as disciples of Jesus Christ."4 In order to help prepare the members of my parish to understand and participate in the process of reconciling alienated and inactive Roman Catholics I plan to help them learn more about their own needs for healing, liberation, and forgiveness. To accomplish this I will work through the Renew groups that were established in our parish four years ago. I plan to use with the groups a model similar to that of Renew: reading, reflecting, questioning, and acting on a particular scripture passage with the groups. The scripture passages that I will use will contain stories of healing, liberation, and forgiveness.