United Way of the Wabash Valley – Collective Impact Model: The Role of Donors’ Trends in Creating a Fundraising Strategy

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Isbell, Danielle
Master of Leadership Development
Early in 2018, United Way of the Wabash Valley (UWWV) incorporated change with a new strategic plan for their organization. They embraced that are in the IMPACT business and the DONOR is the customer, and if they wanted to lead the Wabash Valley to a brighter future together, they must have compelling impact or their donors will look elsewhere and the mission will be lost. The current situation of UWWV can be summarized as having a strong new vision and overall strategic plan forward, a solid transition plan for agencies and stakeholders, as well as a strong new investment strategy guide. All of which were important steps to the strategic plan; however, there is an absence of an official organized strategic fundraising strategy. To help facilitate the development of an effective fundraising strategy, this thesis presents information on the history of the organization, current position of the organization, what strategies are being used across the nonprofit sector, as well as a completed proposed fundraising strategy for the organization. This thesis makes use of secondary research to gain a better understanding of the fundraising for social impact environment, recent trends of today's donors, and best practices for today's fundraising strategies.