Innovative Marketing Concept for Niche Tight Budget Organizations

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Key, Mark
Master of Leadership Development
I am part owner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Redi Controls, Inc., a small business manufacturing firm in the industrial commercial HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning and Refrigeration) marketplace. Since 1989, when the company was started and incorporated, I have assisted in developing relationships in which Redi Controls is an approved supplier or system provider (in some cases provided consultation, research, development and private labeling services) for United Technologies’ Carrier Corporation, Johnson Controls, York International (a Johnson Controls Company), McQuay International and Ingersoll’s Trane Company and/or service branches. I have also contributed intellectual property (patents) for the organization while performing other managerial tasks in this small business entity. Additionally, Redi Controls’ has done business with various Fortune 500 companies. Our product line is comprised of specialized systems specific to niche areas of our marketplace. However, one of our recent products known as the OAM-Purger is doing well in the general marketplace, but I have determined a niche market with unique concerns that I believe provides a unique challenge and opportunity to exploit.