Integrating Humor with Art Therapy: An Approach for Effective Coping Skills

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Grand, Dee Ann
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Humor can be a natural part of the art-making process. This pilot study was designed to intentionally combine art therapy with humor to create coping mechanisms that may offer the participants a humorous approach or a different perspective to life’s everyday stressors. The purpose of designing this pilot study was to discover the effectiveness of art therapy and humor interventions to teach coping skills to adults aged 18-55 with various emotional and psychosocial needs. Each session was designed to allow participants to safely incorporate coping mechanisms while also furthering cohesion within the group. The empirical data collected from the study was from the group participants, the researcher, and her art therapist supervisor. Designed as a qualitative study with a multiple baseline design, this research is intended to demonstrate that combining art therapy and humor is an effective problem-solving modality, adding to the limited body of professional literature regarding humor in the therapeutic setting.