Using an Altered Puzzle Art Procedure to Explore Reconstructed Identity Through Spiritual Awareness in Substance Abuse Recovery: A Heuristic Arts-Based Inquiry

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Bucks, Debra
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Identity flows from external patterns of negative behaviors utilized for coping with internal layered, but denied emotions. It is no wonder, then, that the effect of substances use alters a woman’s identity. The conducted arts-based heuristic inquiry allowed the researcher to investigate personally art therapy, substance abuse and the twelve steps of recovery in order to increase the benefits of a reconstructed identity. Through a creative synthesis of written narratives and visual art of altered puzzle pieces, the inquiry also revealed how spirituality influenced both. Utilizing the study as means to explore personal experiences within the topic of recovery from substance abuse has led to a contributing working model for the future of the art therapy profession and for those who labor in or for those who have an interest in the area of treatment for women in recovery for substance abuse.