Comparing the FEATS and EPDS on Post-Partum Depression

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Escobedo, Diana
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This study aimed to examine the correlation between the person picking an apple from a tree (PPAT) assessment and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) questionnaire. Three participating women, of various ages, completed the PPAT and the EPDS. The PPAT assessments were rated using the formal elements of art therapy scale (FEATS). The FEATS consisted of a fourteen scale rating system that focused on graphic indicators. For the purposes of this study, only four of the fourteen scales were used. The four scales used were details of objects, implied energy, prominence of color and space used. It was hypothesized that the FEATS would yield more accurate findings on depressive symptoms than the EPDS. The results of this study were inconclusive as to whether the PPAT along with the FEATS were reliable methods in screening for postpartum depression. This research study was unable to prove that the PPAT would yield more accurate results than the EPDS.