In Search of Mother: Reflections on the Role of Music in Spiritual Understanding for One Woman in a Hospice Program and her Music Therapist

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Dolesh, Kathleen
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
This thesis illustrates the process of utilizing a transpersonal research approach, namely Organic Inquiry, to discuss reflections on the role of music in spiritual understanding for one woman in a hospice program and her music therapist. Since Organic Inquiry blends elements from heuristic, feminist, and intuitive research frameworks, it allows for the portrayal of spiritual understanding through a multidimensional voice (narratives and stories) while exploring this topic in the light of essential features such as compassion, intuitive knowing, and sympathetic resonance. These features serve as value and validation measures in the research process while enhancing the practice of music therapy in a hospice setting. The focus of this thesis is to present some aspect of the essential wisdom of the topic through the re-telling of the experiences of the researcher and the participant through personal stories, while hopefully stimulating personal transformation for the researcher, participant, and the reader.