Self-reflective Artmaking and Self-Care: A Heuristic Study

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Naris, Vaida
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Using the El Duende One Canvas Process Painting (EDOCPP), the participant-researcher engaged in an ongoing creative process for twelve weeks to implement self-care practices during a graduate art therapy internship. Data analyses began with journal entries to discern specific themes. The analyses resulted in four primary themes: becoming grounded, feeling calmer, hopefulness versus overwhelmed, and accomplishment versus insecurity. The data analyses continued with examining the self-reflective artmaking process by three objective and subjective reflection methods: four qualities in the visual data: color, form, line, and movement (Eitel et al., 2008), Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC), Hinz (2008, 2015), and the imagery's life cycle (Hinz, 2013). Connections between experimentations of self-care and self-reflective artmaking were determined. Findings corroborate with research indicating the usefulness of self-reflective artmaking as a tool for self-care. Specifically, this study promotes the incorporation of self-care during an art therapy internship.