Social Media Management to Enhance Staff Recruitment and Brand Management

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Dyke, Kara
Master of Leadership Development
Tx: Team is a workplace that allows therapists to grow, advance and develop their skills. Continuing education is not only encouraged, it is expected. New graduates into the rehab therapy profession are master and doctorate level students. Specialization is encouraged and certifications are often paid for by the company. The services therapists provide is how Tx: Team makes money. But, somewhere the internal structure of the management team became bogged down in a reactionary state of doing business. We lost the engagement of the customer. Technology advancement came to a halt as it didn’t have to do with the crisis of the day or reimbursement. Only after a year of devastating blows to the bottom line is Tx: Team taking a proactive stance toward the business. In doing so, new business practices are being accepted that weren't before. The culture is shifting to the new Tx: Team.