Therapeutic Implications of using a Monotype Process

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Shanaberger, Jessica
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Printmaking holds a rich diverse history that can be found throughout many cultures, but it has not been used or studied enough to determine if the printmaking medium has substantial therapeutic benefits in art therapy. This comparative research study was conducted in two-parts and included (a) interviews with therapists who use monotype in their practice and teachers familiar with the medium, and (b) immersion in monotype printmaking with personal art-making. Through interviewing individuals familiar with the printmaking medium, this study was able to elicit first hand experiences and find common themes to help support the premise that monotype printmaking possesses substantial therapeutic benefits. Through a reflective journal that documented personal art-making, the researcher was able to understand how printmaking may be adapted to various settings where space or printmaking materials may be limited. It was found that monotype does offer therapeutic benefits as well as provides the artists and client flexibility in materials and approach. However, several disadvantages were also expressed and discussed.