Focusing Girls with AD/HD in Group Art Therapy Using Idiomatic Expression

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Shouhayib, Laila
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Attentionedeficii hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) has an estimate prevalence of 4% to 12% in school age children and is believed to be more common in boys than in girls. Male/female ratios range from 9:1 to 6:1 in clinical samples but are about 3:1 in community-based population studies (Gaub & Carlson, 1997). Because scientific research on AD/HD is based largely on male clients, much is still unknown about clinical Characteristics and treatment response in girls. Research is needed to determine how different therapies can affect social, academic, and emotional impairment. This study examines the efficacy of group art therapy using idiomatic expressions, on the social skills and inattention of pre-adolescent girls with AD/HD with main symptoms of inattention. Eight girls ages 10-12, with AD/HD, Inattentive subtype, were enrolled in a biweekly, six week study art therapy group. Each seventy minute session consisted of three segments: free play, friendship circle where an idiomatic expression is introduced, and an art project.