Team Building Workshop for Parish Staff Members

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Fentz, Betty Jean
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
To begin my planning for the workshop I contacted several of my Christ Renews His Parish reach out team members. These groups of Christ Renews team members go into new parishes to start the program. Christ Renews is a parochial spiritual renewal process created by Rev. John O. Jacoby and Robert P. Edwards. In February of 1969 a small group of men met weekly with Father Jacoby to pray, share and plan. As a result of this commitment to each other and to the parish, they constituted themselves as a team and carried out the first “parish renewal” weekend in April 1969 at Holy Family Parish, Parma, Ohio. This program has continued in parishes through-out the country. The team I chose is qualified to be a part of what I hope to accomplish in the teambuilding workshop.