Mentoring Program for New Employees at Indiana State University

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Hauger, Lan-Chien
Master of Leadership Development
The Department of Human Resources at Indiana State University (ISU) strives to provide excellent service to ensure augmented user satisfaction by motivating the faculty and staff, through training and development opportunities for their professional and personal growth (Office, n.d.). However, during the voluntary exit interviews, conducted by the Employee Relations Coordinator, revealed an area of concern which, in fact, was one of the prime reasons cited by the departing employees. The issue pertained to the lack of training within various departments, with an evident lack of robust one-on-one training in terms of the department size and job complexity. The same analysis revealed an exit of 16% of people within one year of employment, and 38% of people within five years of service (Myers, 2018). In 2018, as published in SHRM.ORG, 22.2%, the leading reason employees left their jobs is due to lack of career development (Agovino, 2019). Correspondingly, this master's thesis investigates how a Mentoring Program for New Employees can help ISU retain new employees by helping them acclimate better to a new job, a new environment, a new work culture and provide a path for professional development.