How Can Art Therapy Interventions Address the Specific Special Needs of Blind and Visually Challenged Individuals?

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Cashbaugh-Toth, Gina
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
The researcher designed a heuristic study to develop new art therapy interventions to strengthen her skills and abilities in dealing with needs and challenges due to legal blindness. In addition to addressing the needs of the researcher, the art therapy interventions centered on self-exploration in order to gain insight into the potential for helping other blind and visually challenged individuals. The researcher utilized a retrospective heuristic approach of her artwork to gain insight into developing new art therapy interventions. Upon completion of the art review process the new art therapy interventions were created on a weekly basis to address self-esteem issues, emotional and physical ramifications, and coping mechanisms. Three different interventions were created each week utilizing the same media to address these issues. Music was utilized as an enhancement component in the background during the creative phases of creating the art therapy interventions.