Mystagogy: A Way of Life

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Wolodkiewicz, Sarah
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The idea, then, is to attempt to integrate the knowledge and experience of the RCIA classes into daily life, specifically, the continuation of sacrament participation resulting in a spirituality of daily living. A period or program of "mystagogia" would seem to be helpful and appropriate. Mystagogy is described in many RCIA resource books as the fourth stage of the catechesis process. Itis described in the "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults" as, "...a time for the community and the neophytes [those newly baptized] together to grow in deepening their grasp of the paschal mystery and in making it part of their lives through meditation on the Gospel, sharing in the eucharist, and doing the works of charity." We are encouraged to help the neophytes in this endeavor. The term "mystagogy"” itself involves an attempt to more fully and effectively understand the mysteries of Christ's passion, death and resurrection through the Gospel message they have been hearing for the past several months (and at the recent Easter Vigil liturgy) and, more importantly, through their recent experience of the sacraments received at the Easter Vigil liturgy. These are the theological implications of this pastoral concern.