“Burning Down the House”: A Descriptive Study of Workplace Preference and Burnout in New Music Therapists

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Teall, Clara
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
This survey study examined new music therapists’ experiences of burnout and feelings related to various aspects of their work including clientele age, population, and workplace setting. The purpose of this research was to gather information about the experiences of new music therapists including how long they have been practicing, what type of work they do, how they feel about various aspects of their workplace, and whether there is any connection between these experiences and burnout in the field of music therapy. This survey received 65 total responses, with 49 responses meeting the requirements for participation. Survey results indicated a high burnout rate among new music therapists. A statistically significant positive correlation was also found between rate of burnout in past positions and feelings surrounding past clientele age, population, and work setting.