Peace and Justice

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Puscas, Stephen
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
It is for this reason that this project was undertaken: in the attempt to form a peace and Justice commission at our church. The underlying assumption of this project is that the average layperson really wants to help those less fortunate. However, their knowledge of how to help and their scope of who to help are limited. We, as Catholics, tend to be very generous when the ‘second collection’ is taken up. However, it seems that we are less apt to take a stand when it comes to Justice issues, especially those issues that involve citizens in foreign lands. We are further reluctant to examine these issues when it may result in our having to take a critical look at how we live our lives and how this may in fact lead to economic oppression. Secondly, it seems that we are more willing to address the needs of those in our community and less likely to address the needs of those in foreign lands. For these reasons, this project has a twofold purpose. First, is to educate the parish as to the scope of the problems in our world. Second, to provide them with ways to respond to the problem in a more coordinated way. As one of our planners stated, “to whom much has been given, much is expected.” These words would eventually become the mission statement for our committee.