Copper Ridge Distillery

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Galloway, Amanda
Master of Leadership Development
Copper Ridge Distillery (CRD) is a craft distillery to be located in Danville, Illinois in the heart of the Midwest, known for an abundance of various grain crops. The convenience of availability to the ingredients of our product and close proximity to interstates will allow accessibility for production and sales. Copper Ridge Distillery is committed to the production and distribution of the highest quality of hand crafted spirits, while creating an innovative workplace for employees, and an enriching and authentic environment for customers. The distillery’s products will include corn whiskey (also known as its fanciful name: Moonshine) as our un-aged product in the flavors of apple pie, peach, and cinnamon, along with the aged product of whiskey. Co-owned by Cliff Cauley and Amanda Galloway as a LLC (Limited Liability Company), the business will operate as a boutique distillery, which will produce distilled spirits in the state of Illinois for the distribution in the United States. The owners will retain 100% control over Copper Ridge Distillery property and trade secrets associated with production, ingredients, and distillation methodologies. With the boom of micro-distillers and the consumer craving, we feel our product will be successful and profitable in Vermillion County, with hopes of growing nationwide. After further research and analyzing finances we are confident we will profit in our business, while bringing a unique flavor to the heart of the Midwest.