Serenity Wellness Center: Well Beyond Medicina

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Davis, Michelle
Master of Healthcare Administration
Many healthcare consumers today are looking for more natural, holistic alternatives to pharmaceutical and surgical treatments, and the focus has shifted back towards more alternative methods of medical treatment including acupuncture, reflexology, and even medicinal cannabis. Currently, 29 of our 50 states allow for its use, with each state responsible for its own program. To comply with Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP), this project will be a primary care clinic in Champaign, Illinois. The clinic will focus on a holistic healing approach to primary care, alternatives to traditional medicine and patient advocacy/assistance with Illinois Department of Public Health registry as required under the MCPP. This clinic will have a positive impact on anyone in southern and central Illinois who wishes to pursue more natural, holistic methods of healthcare delivery, including medicinal cannabis. A central location such as Champaign would benefit that geographic area greatly, as most of the clinics and dispensaries are located near Chicago. Project implementation began with strategic management planning such as determining budget and staffing needs (clinically and administratively), how the clinic would be marketed and get referrals, and how quality and efficacy would be evaluated.