An Arts-Based Heuristic Study on the Lived Experience of Utilizing Art Therapy while Experiencing Anxiety

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Bommer, Joshua
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This arts-based, heuristic study examines a personal experience of creating art while experiencing anxiety. Over the course of six weeks, a co-researcher and I met weekly to create art for one hour while keeping notes of each session’s experiences. Moustakas’ (1990) six phases of heuristic research were utilized as a framework and guide during the study. Through the six phases, the nature of the experiences was observed and processed. The personal experiences of a co-researcher and myself are discussed to express and clarify the ways each perceived and understood the data that emerged throughout the process. The results indicated that further study could be undertaken at the nexus of artmaking and anxiety as both the co-researcher and I found positive personal benefit in creating art while anxious.