Seeking the Objective Truth of Color Application for Healing and Art Therapy Past, Present and Future

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Sullivan, Iris S Griffin
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Color is a vital healing tool that does not appear to be currently utilized as a directive for healing in the practice of mainstream art therapy in the United States. Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, scientist, educator and artist in the early 1900’s gave indications for objective color properties that have been used worldwide in Anthroposophical art therapy for more that fifty years (Anthroposophical Medical Section, 2007). The researcher sought to explore color’s objective healing capacities through an overview of the indications of color by Rudolf Steiner and Liane Collot d’Herbois’s teachings combined with her own experiences of color’s effect. This is a heuristic study using Clark Moustakas’ systematic approach to the researcher’s journals, notes, color exercises, feelings and dreams to explore personal, objective responses and supportive experiences about color as a healing modality. The researcher will study red, blue and green as a sample of color. It is anticipated that this research will support the hypothesis that color has objective reality and can inform directive healing through art therapy. This study has the potential to increase the understanding of color when used as an art directive towards healing and can add to the body of knowledge in the field of art therapy.