Comparing Digitally Simulated Art Media and Traditional Media to Evaluate Experiences on the Four Levels of Processing with Youth in a Treatment Facility

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Giddens, Briana
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This professional contribution proposes a research study to explore the use of simulated electronic art media as another resource for the art therapy profession, specifically focusing on at-risk adolescents in a treatment facility. A single-subject ABA research design would be used with a random sample of at-risk youth diagnosed with behavioral and mental health disorders who are receiving treatment at an inpatient treatment facility. The researcher anticipates a positive correlation would be identified. Participants’ use of the digitally simulated art media would create an expected outcome that parallels the outcome identified using traditional art media. This contribution is vital to the field of art therapy due to its exploration into technology and art therapy with a population that has adopted electronic media as a significant form of communication. The profession of art therapy has to evolve with society in order to remain relevant. This proposal supports the field of art therapy in that endeavor. It is important to continue to develop and grow as a discipline in order to remain current with artistic media and applications that may not have been available or an option for art therapists in the past.