Women and the Land: Poverty and Environment

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Showalter, JoAnn
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
In the economically developed nations, women are frequently removed physically, emotionally and spiritually from the land even while dependent upon planetary resources. In developing nations, the opposite is generally true and women are integrally connected to the land as environment. It is commonly heard from Western eco-feminists that Judeo-Christian scripture can be held accountable for the negative relationships facing both women and the land/environment. That statement is only partially true. The reality extends further back in time and is much more pervasive. | intend to review the history of patriarchy and the relationship of patriarchy with women and the land. In addition, it is my intent to demonstrate the triangle of poverty, environment and the status of women. The use of actual case projects will illustrate women’s use of planetary resources in their efforts to rise out of poverty and to grow in self respect and family self sufficiency. In the midst of this are signs of hope for women and the land. This paper is the foundation of a workshop designed for presentation to my congregation.