Reevaluation of St. Patrick Catholic Church's R.C.L A. Process for the New Millennium

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Morrow, Ron
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults was improved by the Vatican II Council to return to a method of initiation that mirrored the early church’s way of bringing new members into the faith community. I was a member of a small committee that studied the R.C.I A. in our parish in 1995 and the committee was able to implement a process that followed the new directives. We made the two-year process of instruction and faith development flexible to each of the new candidate or catechumen’s needs. What this project entails is a systematic approach of spiritual reflection that is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the process. Our main goal is to improve our outreach to the new members in a way that may be more meaningful to them. These concerns are of an ongoing nature and we are now taking steps to maintain this through periodic reevaluation of the process.