The Impact of Training and Development on Organizational Performance

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Utley, Timothy
Master of Leadership Development
While training and development are among the most important elements for the effective and efficient functioning of any organization, manufacturing companies still struggle to engage effective training methods. This aspect is associated with numerous challenges that include the proper understanding of the importance of training in enhancing the relationship between the company and the workforce, the existence of a dispersed workforce, different learning habits within the organization, lack of engagement, engaging training that is irrelevant, and the associated costs. Manufacturing jobs are high in demand and employee training and development is crucial to employee retention, learning, performance and overall wellbeing. These are among the most important facets to the effective functioning of an organization. In most cases, organizations are judged based on their employee turnover rates which directly translates to learning performance and wellbeing. This study examines the importance of training and development in the manufacturing industry through conducting literature review of the key aspects of training and development and examining the feasibility of training and development programs in an organization.