Sign of the Kingdom East Pamphlet 2012

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Shick, Jeffrey
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The Sign of the Kingdom East is where I am involved in ministry and it is supported by volunteers and donations from the local churches and public. It offers food, clothing and household items, as well as financial assistance for utilities and prescriptions. The group that will be the focus of my pastoral project is the poor and marginalized that my ministry at the Sign of the Kingdom East in Lawrenceville, Illinois seeks to reach out to. This ministry helps those who are below the poverty guidelines with food, clothing, household items and some utility/prescription assistance. The main goal of this project is to inform people of this ministry’s needs for volunteers and donations. Also, to let people know at each church, besides the pastor and those on the board, what we do and how their money and donations are used. As well as to reach out to the churches who do not regularly support us and finally, to let the other ministries and social service agencies in our area know of our services so we can network better together. Secondary goals would be to gain additional financial support, donations, and volunteers to enhance or expand our services. This project will be a voice for the poor and needy in our community to let the churches and public know of their needs and how this ministry seeks to meet them.