Spirituality and Ministry Series

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Lauer, Sandra
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
| believe an appropriate response to this concern for sound continuing education and development for our parish spiritual companions is the offering of a limited adult education series consisting of four sessions leading to an updated certification for our spiritual companions. There will be three components to this process: theological reflection, integrative spirituality and spirituality in ministry. The theological reflection segment will offer concrete methods to discover God's presence in their life experience both personally and as spiritual directors. The integrative spirituality segment allows the director time to center in on their own spirituality and receive nourishment to be effective ministers. The continuing education segment on spirituality in ministry will afford them the opportunity to explore the link between spirituality and ministry and continue to grow in techniques and process needed for effective spiritual direction. Each segment will be covered in a three hour session consisting of lecture and group process. We will conclude the series with a five hour renewal day incorporating shared theological reflection and personal renewal time. This format could be adapted on an annual or biannual basis for continuing certification and personal development.