The Earth Literate Garden

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Wolf, Anastasia
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The Earth Literate Garden Project included several principles of sustainable gardening methods, such as permaculture, biodynamic, companion planting and organic principles and materials, and combined them into one unifying system in application to a community garden-style plot. Comparisons were drawn to a previous non-sustainable methods/materials year. Conclusions were based on the growth habit, yield, and success in growing from seed to the harvest of vegetables and herbs, which also included transplanting and direct sow practices. The comparisons showed that the previous non-sustainable year had better yields; that the organic seed did not germinate as efficiently as its counterpart; that conditions were considerably different from the previous year; and that the rules and limitations placed on the garden plot leasee by the Board of Directors who oversee the garden plot location in Bear Creek Regional Park, did not allow for a true experiment in sustainable practices. Therefore, results are considered inconclusive.