The Common Thread Collective: Build Something Larger Than Yourself Proposal for Future Research and Business Plan

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Wright, Sharon
Master of Leadership Development
Uganda is a country rich in history, although somewhat tragic; has been called “The Jewel of Africa,” or “The Pearl of the Nile”. Today, children who live in the village of Kapeeka, Uganda are orphaned from HIV, AIDs, malaria, Ebola or other water borne illnesses. Prostitution is a ‘normal’ practice leading to early age births, lower education rates and higher death rates. There is no government support and the methods for earning money are rudimentary. This is important because the people are hard-working, have tremendous tacit knowledge, are ambitious, however, they lack access to many of the resources needed for daily life, such as a clean safe source of water, food, proper housing and health care. In this paper a business plan will be developed to provide a solid foundation and strategies upon which The Common Thread Collective can operate successfully. The paper will also introduce to the reader a future research proposal to distinguish if the efforts of The Common Thread Collective’s mission and goals had a positive outcome on the quality of life for the program participants. The theoretical framework will include the exchange theory and symbolic interactionism and will include both qualitative and quantitative measures as demonstrated through the face-to-face interviews, observation and a survey. Even though this is future research, it is anticipated a positive correlation will be found and larger implications of our findings will lead to future research on quality of life.