Teaching Those you Reach: A Response to the Growing Adult Education Needs of the American Baby Boomer Population in a Mega-Church

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Salazar, Cynthia
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Churches are faced with increasing demands for services and support from regular attendees and visitors alike. As a teacher and program planner in the adult education training ministry of Willow Creek Community Church, I am aware of the need to deliver quality adult theological education, that is, specifically communicating the basic doctrines and principles of the Christian faith along with guidelines for their application in everyday circumstances. This project will focus on the development and delivery of a new paradigm of adult theological education to a target audience comprised of primarily baby-boomers. Christ modeled the teaching component of His ministry to his disciples in various verses in the New Testament.! The command is simple and the context clear. What remains difficult is the medium. That is, by what means is the church to deliver the biblical, theological education and discipleship commanded by Christ? Biblical education refers to a program that is biblically grounded as well as one that aids people in studying and exegeting the scriptures themselves. The discipleship component refers to people being followers and learners of Jesus Christ, that is, one who walks with God, lives the Gospel, contributes to the work of the church , and impacts the world.