Navigating Decisions Outlining the Trajectory of a Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery as a Non-Traditional Student

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Chamberlain, Pamela
Graduate Certificate in Women's Leadership
Women make countless decisions impacting their lives daily. Each choice made can alter a specific outcome inviting positive opportunities or lead down a path filled with roadblocks. For example, late for work, a quick decision is made to take an alternate route to trim off a few minutes commute time. Instead, a train stopped on the tracks causing a delay. Being aware of the surroundings, the discovery of an alternate route is observed that travels around the train leaving additional time to pick up donuts for the entire office. Risks are always a component in the outcome of everyday decisions. Some women want to conqueror the challenge while others just want to survive the journey. As a working woman, deciding to add the element of education later in life can attribute to the success in achieving their intended objectives while navigating through obstacles only to realize unintended self-discoveries along the way. This presentation takes on the personal journey of a career minded woman set out to find a sense of life balance while furthering her education. Unearth the value of diverse leadership styles, importance of self-awareness, weighing the risks verses the rewards, overcoming self-doubt, re-evaluating relationships, establishing a plan, and implementing self-advocacy in the exploration to acquire a positive learning experience when faced with internal and external obstacles along the path to personal and professional enlightenment.