3-Day Leadership Workshop for Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

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Cisek, Kathryn
Master of Leadership Development
The 3- day leadership workshop will be valuable for leadership development and offer several courses and activities presented by SMWC faculty & staff, SMWC alumni, and the Sisters of Providence. The workshop will fall under the umbrella of the leadership programs and goals of SMWC. The courses will offer a diverse range of topics, reinforcing concepts from undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as filling gaps in leadership covered in other programs and area businesses. It will enhance the leadership learning opportunities alongside the masters’ cohorts, graduate certificate in women’s leadership, study abroad trip, WVLI leadership certificate, and the upcoming doctoral degree. It is another opportunity for SMWC to attract new students for masters’ programs, doctorates, and other short-term programs. An important aspect of the workshop will be to network and build professional and personal relationships. The immersive experience enables participants to find time within classes, and outside of them, to engage in discussions and activities. This paper offers a competitive analysis of similar programs and shows how the curriculum and activities of the workshop set it apart from other college and private programs, as well as an internal and external analysis. A financial analysis will be presented to assess benefits for SMWC and participants. A detailed description of curriculum and learning goals will be included for a clear direction of intent. Research has been done to review the value of face-to-face versus online learning and how to assess the goals of workshops. In light of COVID-19, a modified online version has been presented in the event of a fully online workshop. Other practical considerations have been discussed and the best timeline for the implementation of the workshop.