Helping Parents and Children Understand the Eucharist in Today’s Society

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Davis, Elizabeth
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Part of my job as Director of Religious Education is the preparation of First Eucharist. Each year the children in second grade and the older children who have not received First Eucharist prepare for this sacrament. On this important day the children are welcomed to the banquet table and become part of the Eucharistic life of the community. Since the parents are the primary religious educators of their children, therefore, the families prepare their children for this sacrament at home and the Director of Religious Education will provide support to the parents. I propose to design and implement a program that will help parents and children understand the Eucharist in today’s society. The parents will meet with the Director of Religious Education on three Sundays for an hour after liturgy while the children are in Religious Education classes. Handouts and videos will be shown to help parents better understand the Eucharist so that they can then teach their children on their own. In May the parents and children will come for a day’s retreat titled “Bread and Banner Retreat.” At the retreat the parents and the children will help to bake bread that will be used at the First Communion Liturgy. We will also make banners that will hang in the sanctuary on the day of the celebration. Each family will also make a banner that will hang at the end of their pew. On the day of First Communion the children and the parents will have an active part in the liturgy and the celebration will take place during a regular Sunday liturgy. The children and their parents will be prepared to see and understand the importance of the whole community as participants in this event.