Altered Book Making as a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Adults at an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital: A Phenomenological Study

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Ayala, Nina
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
The following study focuses on the benefit of altered book making and mindfulness as an art therapy intervention at a mental health hospital. The phenomenological study was conducted with adults over the age of 18 with mixed genders. The purpose of the study was to determine what impact altered book making and mindfulness would have on the participant’s immediate mood and how they may view their book as long-term therapeutic tool. The results were positive and a majority of the participants reported uplift in mood and the intention of continuing to work on their altered book after discharge. Evidence of the efficacy of art therapy and mindfulness can potentially help promote the use of art therapy, specifically altered book making and mindfulness as an art therapy intervention, for the benefit of all people who are receiving care through a mental health facility.