Home Ownership: Empowering the Single Mother

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Kirksey, Dianna
Master of Leadership Development
As the number of single mothers owning houses increases, the need for home ownership programs aimed at helping single mothers also increases. There are many steps that must be taken in order to purchase a home. Single mothers often have a hard time negotiating all of the steps on their own. They either face discrimination when it comes to securing financing or they simply don’t even know where to start in tackling the process, as most people do. The research shows that although there are several programs available at both the federal and state levels, to help single mothers buy homes, there is not a program available that is all-inclusive. There are programs to help with the financial aspects of purchasing a home and there are programs available that help homeowners with any issues that arise after buying a home, but there are none that encompass the entire process. There needs to be a one-stop-shop type of program available to guide single mothers through the entire process of buying and maintaining a home.