Can a Mother/Daughter Art Therapy Group Increase Self-Worth in Girls Who Have Been Sexually Abused and in Their Female Caregivers?

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Torres, Megan
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Caring for children who have been sexually abused often stirs up issues of untreated trauma related to the caregiver’s background. Additionally, it can impact their parenting style, both before and after the outcry of sexual abuse is made. This professional contribution proposes a research study to explore the significance of the female caregiver-female child relationship in cases of abuse. It is anticipated that a structured art therapy group, with exercises designed to address specific issues that affect sexually abused females, will increase levels of selfesteem and empowerment within both mothers and their daughters. Parenting and nurturing skills are also anticipated to improve for the mothers. Results will be measured with the use of a drawing assessment tool that will be administrated during the first and the final group sessions.