Natural Gardening Network

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Rosier, Linda
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The Natural Gardening Network (NGN) is a collaboration of organic gardeners, native plant and wildlife advocates, and land preservation organizations that grew from the need of six Indiana-based groups to educate the public about the dangers of and alternatives to harmful land use practices. NGN groups face enormous challenges in these efforts. As modern gardeners, landscapers, and farmers we are shaped by a pervasive worldview of human control over nature, which is further enabled by powerful marketing and other social forces that serve to insulate us from our role in the larger systems of life. Beneath the cultural veneer that human technology has limitless ability to sustain this artificial reality lies the truth of excessive reliance on natural resources — particularly petroleum and water — and the largely unacknowledged dangers inherent in the use of poisonous chemicals to control “pests” in the landscape. The Natural Gardening Network formed as a result of an offer for free booth space at the consumer-oriented Indiana Flower and Patio Show (IFPS). The hope is that this project will lay the foundation to strengthen future collaborations of NGN groups, increasing their ability to inform a larger sector of the population than any group could reach alone.