Organizational Leadership: The Widening Gap Within the African American Community

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Raby, Y. Grace
Master of Leadership Development
During this course of study, the goal has remained to understand organizational systems and how to work within them, learning how to facilitate effective changes as well as learning how to support strategic planning.My research has been an attempt to describe and explore a social phenomenon within the African American community as a means to learn, rectify and encourage change, as well as, to elevate the level of discourse beyond economic/educational strata and examine the impact of what may be considered (the) negative or stereotypical mindsets and its impact on African American cultural and leadership standards.The goal of this research is to improve the conditions and lives of those within the Diaspora and to help those outside our community learn something new; about a topic not openly discussed within or about the African American Community and to facilitate intelligent discussion about its far-reaching context in the broader social and global community.My chosen organizational based study will be a secondary research review and socio-cultural examination, from an Organizational Leadership viewpoint, of the African American community within the African Diaspora with the hypothesis that"There is widening gap in the African-American Community between those identifying and/or perceived as belonging to the Black Elite or the "Afristocracy" (Dyson, 2005) and those identifying and/or perceived as belonging to the Hip-Hop Generation or "Ghettocracy" (Dyson, 2005).