Earth Incorporated: A Cross-Curricular Guide to Integrating Nature into the Middle School Classroom

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Putnam, Victoria
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
Environmental literacy, along with responsible environmental behavior, is often the stated goal of environmental education (Todt, 1995). That being said, it is essential that teachers be environmentally literate. However, most American adults are not very environmentally literate. For example, The NEETF/Roper National Report Card (NEETF 1997) gave two out of three American adults failing grades on pollution knowledge (Manci, Carr, & Morrone, 1999). How can we expect our current community of educators to pass on this critical knowledge to the next generation if they themselves are illiterate? While the answer is simple: incorporate environmental education into all levels of learning, the implementation is complex. It requires an education of the educators, not only in ecological concepts, but in sustainable development and action methodology as well.