Girls Inc. of Johnson County Future Financial Stability

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Eck, Amanda
Master of Leadership Development
At the conclusion of this study Girls Inc. of Johnson County will have a course of action to help assure financial stability. Stakeholders were interviewed and problem areas within the organization defined accordingly. Ultimately the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Directors will determine the next steps. During this process the current strategic plan for the organization will be taken into account and if necessary changes can be made upon review of this projects outcomes. Developing a strategy for the future is something every organization needs to spend time working on. Within this plan should be a course of action to expand its network of funders. Ensuring that one source is not accounting for a large portion of dollars being brought in helps establish some sense of sustainability. Further, it is important that members of the board should have a clear understanding of their role when it comes to monetary contributions. Again, this will help create a more sustainable financial environment. This should be communicated clearly in the early stages of their tenure. The CEO, board, and stakeholders all have a responsibility to ensure the organization is able to serve its community.