Faith Communities in the Twenty-first Century Connecting by Computer

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O’Brien, Sheila
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
As Fall and Winter 2005 arrived, requests to expand the list arrived. The women requested a website, a celebration of our fifty-first year, more personal information than birthdays, expansion of the list for other purposes, another celebration of Eucharist. These sounded like great ideas, but because the women had given their initial information for just a birthday list, I made the decisions that it should remain just that: a birthday list with a beginning and an end. On December 31, 2005, I sent the last e-mail. The list remained true to its simple mission, but it had started a fire. That fire continued in early 2006, when a smaller group of women began talking of our upcoming 30™ Reunion in June 2007. Many women said they would attend; they were excited about seeing each other again and meeting the new people they had met on the list. We were making plans for parties, mementos, trinkets, all the external work. This project was the first spiritual/ theological reflection and prayer designed and produced by this group. We were not participating in a universal liturgy with clergy, but creating our own communal prayer and addressing the uniqueness of this group.