Music & Healthy Emotions: An Adaptation of a Psychoeducational Group Curriculum

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Cattle, Lizbeth
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
Psychiatric inpatients who are low functioning, withdrawn, or unable to express healthy emotions may be unable to learn healthy emotional expression through traditional psychoeducational therapy groups. The purpose of this clinical project was the development of adapted curriculum, using music therapy interventions to promote emotional learning for psychiatric inpatients of lower cognitive functional ability. An existing curriculum, Healthy Emotions: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach, was adapted to better suit the learning needs of lower functioning patients. Verbal text and visual graphics were adapted to promote focus of attention and to provide for success in using curriculum worksheets. Music therapy interventions were developed to support learning objectives. The adapted curriculum, titled Music and Healthy Emotions, will be submitted for approval and potential use with psychiatric inpatients at a state hospital in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.