Muscogee (Mvskoke) Women's Leadership Strategic Plan Proposal

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Lucas, Angela
Master of Leadership Development
This thesis explores the development of a Strategic Plan for the Muscogee (Mvskoke) Women's Leadership Organization. Extensive secondary research of women's organizations whose mission is to educate and enhance the leadership skills and opportunities of ethnic women, was conducted to determine best practices for the Muscogee (Mvskoke) Women's Leadership Organization. The mission of the Muscogee (Mvskoke) Women's Leadership group is to support and empower Native American women in all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. The creators of the organization understand the physical, mental and spiritual challenges that tribal women are faced with in their homes, workplaces and communities. The development of a strategic plan included the research of the current state of physical, mental and spiritual health of Muscogee (Mvskoke) women, as well as methods the group can use to improve those areas of health. Research found that historical trauma, violence against women, education, and the macro environment in which Native American women live to be among the factors negatively affecting the wellbeing of Muscogee (Mvskoke) women. Additional research sought to uncover options available to the group to incorporate as a non-profit for tax exemption purposes.