Party on Wheels Revised Business Plan

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Johnson, Shelby
Master of Leadership Development
The purpose of this business plan is to secure a $30,000 business loan from ISU Credit Union. The funding will be used to purchase inventory and market the Party on Wheels trailer or also referred to as the acronym POW in Terre Haute, IN. Party on Wheels was founded by sole owner Shelby N. Johnson in 2019 but is based off the hopes and dreams of her mother, Misty D. Boyll. The first section of the business plan has the Mission, Vision, and Values of Party on Wheels laid out. The second section lays out the company’s background and provides information on the management team. The third section of the business plan is the financial section. This section includes tables and graphs for visualization, along with an explanation of each table/graph figures and how they were gathered. The financial section is where you will find the Market Analysis, Target Market, SWOT Analysis, the completed Income Statement, and the Pestle Analysis. The final section entails the future of Party on Wheels. This section does discuss the possibility of renting or purchasing a building. This section will depend solely on the financial success of the trailer. For the trailer to be successful, it must be marketed correctly. Shelby and fully understand that which is why their focus will be on successfully running Party on Wheels, and acknowledging that the unexpected may happen, but if they handle it correctly, they will be able to keep the trailer rolling.