Green Reflections: A Weekly Blog on the Roman Catholic Sunday Lectionary

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Jordan, Ellen
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
This integration project reflects on the readings of the Roman Catholic Sunday Lectionary from the perspective of potential lessons that might be applied to living an environmentally sustainable life. The Roman Catholic Lectionary consists of Bible texts that are prescribed for each Sunday of the year in a three year cycle. Therefore, it is not possible to choose Scripture readings that the Catholic preacher may feel are more appropriate to the topic of sustainable living. Nevertheless, over the course of one liturgical year, the author learned that one full liturgical cycle offered many readings that were appropriate for “green reflections.” Using the texts, The Cultural World of Jesus: Sunday by Sunday, Cycles B and C by author, John J. Pilch, S.J., the author of the Green Reflections blog was able to reflect her own understanding of each Sunday’s readings and draw from them encouragement, challenge and lessons to be applied to Christian life. These reflections were presented as a blog page on the Internet at the web address Readers were encouraged to pray over the reflections and readings as a way of deepening their personal commitment to a sustainable life and to care for the wounded earth. Four commentators were solicited from among the Earth Literacy Masters Program students. Each of the commentators was invited to consider the effectiveness of the green reflections and add their own comments to the web site. Themes from the earth literacy program were discussed in the reflections. The major themes most frequently mentioned in the reflections were the need for conversion and selfcontrol related to human greed, earth centered living and the interconnectedness of all life, and the importance of community and sharing our gifts. Many other themes from earth literacy were also considered in these Sunday reflections.